Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Nike is breaking an ad tonight that will get sports fans talking. Nike has the uncanny ability of invoking a level of talk value most brands never come close to achieving. For reference, look at pretty much any ad they've ever done. Armstrong, Jordan, L.T., Lebron, Kobe, etc. This time, however, it seems we'll be talking about what isn't said than what is said. Do we smell a sequel, or just a long drive towards redemption? R.I.P. Earl Woods

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  1. I like this ad. A lot. Or maybe I just love Nike advertising. How it's consistently tugging at our emotions, making a statement, not letting us look away.
    The execution is beautiful and simple. It feels like a video installation, a piece of art that we seek out rather than an intrusive ad. Most importantly, Nike (or Woods) isn't talking down to its audience. In one way Tiger's portrait becomes our own reflection and his father's VO our conscience. In another way it feels like an apology. The point is to make us empathize with Tiger Woods and humanize the brand or "role model" that is Tiger Woods. It probably won't work for Barbara Woods Gray, but it worked for me.


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