Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"Let him eat! Let him eat!" shouted the crowd as the New York Police arrested famed eater, Kobayashi, at the 2010 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating contest. In a dispute with Major League Eating over his desire to participate in unsanctioned MLE events, Kobayashi was barred from participating in the world's most popular eating contest —and the one he put on the map— this July 4th. As seen in the video below, Kobayashi's mere presence and urge to reclaim the hot dog eating throne was quickly put to an end with his arrest.

Has competitive eating really come to this? Do we need an official organization like the MLE to control something as benign as a bunch of people gathered to inhale as much food in a given time span. I admire their ability to turn gluttony into a sanctioned "sport," but this is a new low. People come to see Kobayashi and Joey "Jaws" Chestnutt eat. With out those two, there is no "sport." Period. Maybe it's time the MLE went with their gut and stopped acting like this event is more exclusive than it really is. If you have a stomach and a penchant for water, buns and dogs, you're in. End of story. It's the American way.

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