Thursday, October 21, 2010


Eelus, Xenz, and a band of street artists are coming together for two weeks—painting began last week—to go deep into the Gambia of Africa and bring their aesthetics to an ongoing  S.T.E.P. (Sustainable Tourism to Eliminate Poverty) project by Larry Bushdweller.

Bushdweller started the Ballabu Conservation Project in 2004; an 85 square kilometer area, incorporating 14 villages and the 100,000 people that surround Makasutu. His main focus has been 'to help create projects that will eventually bring prosperity and sustainability to this area where subsistence farming is the main livelihood.'

The goal of Wide Open Walls, an art safari led by Eelus, is to transform the area into a living art village while attracting a growth in tourism. All photography is courtesy of Wallkandy's very own, Ian Cox. Below are just a few images that have started popping up on the WOW website. Hop over to the official site for ongoing updates. Via: Eelus and WOW

(Above) The group gets to work and W.O.W. begins.
(Below) Eelus doing his thing.
(Below) Xenz wallscape

(Above) BrokenCrow
(Below) Mysterious AL

(Above) Xenz paints a map of the area on to a village school.
(Below) Lucy McLaughlan

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