Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A buddy of mine shared, with laughable confusion, this 'Hoosier Basketball Rap Video,' This is Indiana. When I saw it, a sat in horror, weeping on the inside at the tarnished reputation these four minutes could have on my Alma mater. I would also like to note that no one in this video was alive the last time IU won a National Championship. Well, except the old guy. My only concern now is to find out who funded this video so I can understand how this was allowed to happen.

I'm sure Kanye West will probably be pissed about these kids piggybacking on his hit 'Power.' Lil Wayne and Drake too, if only for these farm boys' hilarious attempts at mimicking their Young Money rhyming/lyrical styling. Bummer about the timing of the video's release (during a 5 game losing streak). Sorry for the downer IU folks. I Crean for the glory days too. For everybody else, enjoy the laugh at our expense. Or hey, maybe you think it's the best thing ever. Well, if that's the case, you can buy this smash hit on iTunes. No joke. Or is the joke on you? Via: @Kentcarmichael 

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