Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A new Banksy piece for the Jubilee appeared in London yesterday depicting a child laborer sewing British flag bunting. It was coyly placed on Poundland (UK's version of the Dollar store). As you'll see below, the insidious aftermath that took place isn't surprising but demonstrates that no Banksy street piece is sacred—and that people will do whatever it takes to get a piece of the elusive street artist.

Here's the finished Child Labor Bunting Sewer and what's left of it less than 24 hours later. Via Urban Art Association

Classic Banksy craftsmanship. Look how hard this child is working to get the UK ready for the Jubilee.

 Bunting barons begin to descend on Poundland.

More bunting thieves. Tossers.

Phew, some bunting remains in tact.

Ah, but not for long. All that's left is a lonely child and his sewing machine. End Day 1 of new Banksy Street art.

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