Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oscar Nominations 2010: Complete List For 82nd Academy Awards

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Are you talking about nazis, or the movie, because your reasons sound like why the nazis started their 6 million jew massacre. I think you're confusing this movie with movies like 'Saw' and the such. You know, movies that have no artistic merit. All I'm saying is, this is not the worst movie ever. That's a bloated, loaded and, to use your words, 'idotic' statement. I'd like to hear what you believe to be worthy movies. The movie was a glorification of the horrendous nature of the people that it performed sadistic violence towards. Do you consider telling people they are going to take a 'shower' and then gas them to death not sadistic. Cause that's what the nazis did. Or how about, 'hey board this train, it's going to a nice and better place.' (that's what the nazis told the jews). The nazis were the most sadistic and screwed up humans (if you can call them that) that existed. I applaud Tarantino for taking his style and giving us an alternate view of how the nazis should have been treated. Thank you and good day.
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