Thursday, May 20, 2010


Banksy's tagging spree makes its way back to NYC, a familiar playground for Mr.Banksy. So it's no surprise that he brought his best work since he started this cross-country North America tag-a-thon. His 'heart doctor' makes a reappearance, first appearing in SF. As long as there are walls, I'm sure Banksy will find a way to cover them all. His ability to capture the mood of society with brutal honesty and irreverence seems endless and brilliant wherever he goes.

Via: Tony DiPietro, Animal & Banksy Forum
Pick a winner, kid.
The placard piece pretty much sums up the morale of corporate America, no?
 The return of the glorious and timeless Banksy smiley face
Banksy, the most beloved cynic since Diogenes. Fitting. (I don't claim to have known who Diogenes was, I just use Wikipedia).
San Francisco Reprise.

Bonus Shots: A selection from his cross-country graffiti tour. When will it end? Hopefully never.
Previous four all spotted in Detroit.
Spotted in Boston
Another classic in Boston
 Banksy heads north to Toronto.
Banksy hit Chicago. Only a couple for now. Come back anytime with an arsenal if you'd like.
That's all for now. Here's hoping he stays in the States for a while and keeps on tagging along. Would like to see him start showing up in metro areas like Atlanta, Milwaukee, Dallas, heck, why not Arizona? I'm sure he'd have a lot to say there.

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