Monday, March 28, 2011


Gaia is one of the more recent American street artists to catch my attention. His visuals and subject matter are ambitious in size and message, and to top it all off, they look really awesome up close. The imagery appears to be created in a frantic process, but when you see them full scale, the true beauty of Gaia's methodical process really shines.

His work has been popping up around Chicago lately as part of his two week residency at Pawn Works and subsequent show, Resplendent Semblance, that opened this past Friday and runs through May 7th at The Maxwell Colette Gallery(near Chicago and Halsted). You really have to see this stuff in person. His two oil canvas' on display are huge in size and epic in subject matter. The way he incorporated his street art into the gallery space as backdrops to his canvas' really brought his work full circle. Looking forward to seeing Gaia's work evolve even further.

(Above) Oil on Canvas. Orange on Rooster face is from light reflection.

(Above) Bunny eared lion. Fun piece. This one—as well as a few others—incorporated discarded and found fliers from around Chicago to create the resulting imagery. 

(Above) Close up on detail of previous canvas. Melted wax used to preserve image.

Pieces around Chicago:

Check out more of Gaia's work and recent pieces around Chicago on his flickr page.

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