Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The official trailer is out and the debate continues: have Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck constructed the most drawn out Kaufman-esque prank, or have they created an introspective look at a Hollywood actor quitting his profession to pursue a hip hop career? The biggest crime about the reality genre is the amount of reality it usually lacks. Although, Joaquin did sing those songs in Walk the Line...

Joaquin, for the most part, has managed to maintain a relatively low profile throughout the filming of I'm Still Here. He has sprung up from time to time, most notably his bizarre Letterman show appearance in 2009 where he mumbled, appeared bewildered and was pretty much clueless about the movie he was there to promote —all with a film crew documenting his 'transformation.' The film's distributor, Magnolia Pictures, swear this is not a "mocumentary." If anything, they at least put together a really intriguing movie trailer. Guess the mystery will have to linger on until its September 10th premier. Watch the trailer and then decide for yourself. Via:  Billboard & @taylorlecroy

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