Monday, August 9, 2010


There was a time when geeky excitement preceded the release of a Weezer album. Sadly, their ability to draw attention to themselves has worn off over the span of lackluster efforts, borrowed interest and desperate collaborations (Lil Wayne, anyone?). Their past videos have featured Muppets, as well as a viral video extravaganza homage, which were fun. I just wonder if their continued reliance on gimmicks to generate buzz has left them complacent and uninterested in ever attempting to refine and reinvent their sound. I personally gave up after Maldroit. Maybe they'll prove us wrong with their upcoming release, Hurley, due out in September. After all, this is their first album since departing Geffen (they are now on Epitaph). I'd love to eat my words for Weezer.

Hurley, like their previous album, Raditude, relies on an album art gimmick to generate interest. This one even comes with a similar 'cover remix' contest that greeted Raditude fans. Unfortunately, an ironic cover such as a flying dog or that bearded fat guy in Lost (Sorry, that's all I know about the show), isn't going to make up for musical performance.

If only Weezer continued to take chances and push themselves like they did during the Pinkerton days, each album wouldn't feel like a watered down version of the one that came before it.  Here's hoping for more substance to this album than the random cover art accompanying it. We'd like the Weezer of the 90ties back, please. Via: Spinner

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